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Step Aside, Superheroes: Nitsch Elementary has its own Team of Champions

Step Aside, Superheroes: Nitsch Elementary has its own Team of Champions

The “Safety Dudes” are dressed not in capes but in responsibility and pride. These 5th graders are showing their peers what it means to be brave, to lead, and to truly “take the shot!” 

Safety Dude hands teacher note

You can find these Nitsch Elementary fellows delivering change of transportation notes, organizing flyers, assisting the front office, and so much more.

The Safety Dudes are currently made up of students who were chosen based on how they “have good grades, behave well, and have good attendance.” Our Safety Dudes also say that Dudettes are welcome to join, too!

At Nitsch Elementary, their motto for the year is #TakingtheShot! Safety Dude Andre was excited to share what that means.

“Taking the shot is a metaphor for taking a chance on things you’re afraid of failing at. If you don’t know for sure, you can always take a chance, take a shot, take an educated guess,” Andre said.

With bright minds leading the way, the Safety Dudes set a great example of how to do things the Knight way for their peers. 

“I have a little brother, Leonardo, in second grade, who I want to be a good role model for,” Safety Dude Miguel said. “Being on our safety patrol shows him how we can be rewarded for our good behavior.”

Safety Dudes posing

Each Safety Dude said that one of the best parts of their responsibilities is raising and lowering the flags each day.

“My favorite thing is putting the flags up and taking them down, then folding them because it represents our honor for the United States, Texas, and Nitsch Knights,” Andre said.

According to Andre, having a Learning Mindset is the most important part of becoming a Safety Dude. 

“Learning Mindset is all about knowing that we can do good and believe in ourselves no matter what. It’s important to have a Learning Mindset because we can show the little kids how to do it, too,” Andre said.

Here’s a piece of advice from Safety Dude Lee to our Knights aspiring to be Safety Dudes/Dudettes: 

“Keep working hard on yourself and never stop or quit!”

It’s very clear that Nitsch Elementary teachers and leaders are creating great opportunities for our students to dive deep into character education, embedding it in all they do - even the safety patrol! It’s no wonder that Nitsch Elementary has made such huge strides in the district’s historic academic growth.

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